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….it is easy to recommend her to others.

Dr. Goodarzi really puts the patient first. She has never left me sitting in the waiting room or in the chair endlessly waiting like many dentists.  She has always started my appointment on time and greeted me with a warm smile. She takes the time to explain everything to you and you never feel rushed. She is fair, when an issue came up with my insurance, she was happy to take the lead in getting in settled.  She cares about her patients, when my wife needed a tooth fixed, Dr. Goodarzi was available after hours to make sure my wife was not in pain. With all of this, it is easy to recommend her to others.

B.M. (yelp)

My daughter came out feeling like a princess…

I have nothing but wonderful things to say. Let me start from the very beginning.
I called Dr. Goodarzi’s office to make an appointment for my daughter. The office manager (Jacqueline) was extremely helpful, friendly and professional. She researched what my insurance covered and updated me with all the charges and coverage. I was very satisfied with the level of service I received from her so I decided to give it a try (being new to California I didn’t know what dentist to go to).
I then took my daughter to see Dr. Mona Goodarzi for a tooth extraction. The office was beautiful, very clean and inviting.
Dr. Mona Goodarzi was so sweet to my daughter. She let her touch all the tools and answered the 100 questions my daughter asked her. She promised her that if anything hurt she could just raise her hand and she would immediately stop. What could have been an awful experience for a 5 year old (tooth extraction and anesthesia) ended up being a fun thing (she cried a little which is normal)
Everyone celebrated when the tooth came out! They even polished it and placed it in a nice bag for the Tooth Fairy.  Dr Goodarzi connected with my daughter by discussing the movie Despicable Me 2 which my daughter adores. I, as a mother, felt very comfortable and the whole experience was stress free. My daughter came out feeling like a princess with all the extra attention she received.
Needless to say, Dr Goodarzi has become our family dentist!

Y.S. (yelp)

friendly and sharp doctor

Very friendly DR. Explains everything to you. Very clean office. You can feel all equipment are new. We were her last patients but she was still sharp and she did her job perfect.

A.S. (yelp)

definitely worth the skill and peace of mind.

I went to Dr. Mona Goodarzi initially for a teeth cleaning and check up. I suffer a bit from anxiety when going to the dentist (who doesn’t?!) as well as TMJ, which puts a lot of pressure and pain on my jaws during the treatment.

Both the Dr. Goodarzi and her staff are very kind and gentle, but thorough. They have calm demeanors that ease the stress of dental work.

When I went back to fill some cavities I was very happy that the doctor explained every thing she was doing as she went along and really empathized with me about my jaw pain. She kept checking in with me to see how my pain was and gave me breaks when I needed it.

Their office is very beautiful; I love the all-white decor and the wall art as well as the silent movie projecting on the wall. All their equipment is new technology and I feel that Dr. Goodarzi goes the extra mile to be a great dentist. Yes, she is a bit more expensive than most, but definitely worth the skill and peace of mind.

N.M. (yelp)

She is helping stabilize a life that would otherwise be hopeless.

Dr. Mona Goodarzi Is a professional dentist who cares about the health and comfort of every human being that she works on. She was recommended to us by another brilliant dentist in this area, and she welcomed us into her office so warmly. I run a small non-profit organization that aids the homeless in Orange County, and I brought Dr. Goodarzi one young man with various dental problems, worse than I have ever seen. He was in pain, and most of his teeth did not even look like they would be worth saving. With confidence and professionalism, Dr. Goodarzi welcomed him into her program, made a plan toward oral health for this man, and began work on him right away. She relieved his pain, and is in the process of saving his teeth. Hope for employment and housing is being brought to this man through the work that she is doing for him. A great smile leads to great things, and she is literally bringing the smile to his face. This is a case where she is helping to stabilize a life that would otherwise be hopeless. I would recommend Dr. Mona Goodarzi to anyone who needs any kind of dental work, whether simple or a total transformation. She is patient, kind, professional, and knowledgeable.

K.H. (yelp)

the experience could not have been more comfortable…

I visited Dr. Mona Goodarzi for a deep cleaning and the experience could not have been more comfortable or easier unless it were on my couch in my living room! I originally went in for a regular check up but, due to poor dental work done by my previous dentist, I had to have another deep cleaning done. She was able to clearly point out where the issues were in my x-rays – both from my previous dentist and the x-rays performed in her office – and I felt well informed going into this procedure again. Her and her staff also worked with me to help get my previous deep cleaning reimbursed and explained in very clear terms how my insurance would work and what it would cover.

I am generally very anxious going into any medical appointment or procedure and can be a tough patient to work on but Dr. Goodarzi made the experience great and I actually look forward to going back to her again! She has definitely earned my trust and I highly recommend her.

T.B. (yelp)

She tested me for bugs that could predispose me to cavities…

I had to wait 8 months for an appointment to see the dentist at UCI.  This wait was way too long. Finally I found Dr. Goodarzi who saw me promptly.  However,  as a result of waiting so long, stress and poor nutrition, I developed a lot of cavities that were deep and large. Dr. Goodarzi treated each one successfully.  She was so gentle and excellent in her work that I switched to her for all my teeth. She is also big on preventative care. She tested me for bugs that could predispose me to cavities and gave me prescription toothpaste. I recommend her to my family and friends without hesitation. She is an outstanding dentist.

S.N. (yelp)

My Emergency Visit

Dr. Mona Goodarzi saw me as an emergency patient ( first visit ~ I was new to her practice since a move from Michigan 5 months ago) when I was experiencing significant pain in a tooth that required a root canal.  Her office administrator, Judy, handled my call with a warm professional approach, identified my problem, said she would contact Dr. Goodarzi immediately, since the office was closed, and called me back to confirm that I would be seen in a few hours.  Dr. Goodarzi was actually in LA, drove back to Irvine, and spent time reviewing my medical and dental history as well as taking care of the root canal.  She easily spent 2+ hours to solve my immedicate problem, and the severe pain was immediately relieved.  She has a wonderfully gentle style and hand, is very experienced, and was most concerned about the degree of pain I was experiencing.  She initiated immediate treatment to calm the pain and asked me a number of times during the procedure if I was comfortable.  Since this tooth had other calcified roots, she referred me to an endodontist to complete the root canal ~ he was excellent as well.  She called me on a Saturday night to see if I was comfortable and left her cell phone contact if needed.  She saw me back for a non-emergency “first” visit,  completed a very thorough evaluation and provided a proposed plan to address my dental needs.  She is amazingly compassionate, and made sure I was comfortable while still recovering from the extensive root canal.  I am beyond delighted that I am now under Dr. Goodarzi’s care and experienced hands.  She is a problem solver with an extremely gentle touch and wonderful smile.

N.G. (yelp)

I travel from San Francisco to see Dr. Goodarzi for my teeth!

Dr. Mona is an amazing dental surgeon as well a genuine human being.
I’ve consulted various dentists since I was 15 and now I’m 31, but I haven’t come across anyone with such great skills and a very kind hand.
She runs an exotically serene office and you get that instant feeling that you are in safe hands when you go to her office.
She worked on my front tooth a couple of years back and I was so pleased to have my smile back.
I recently went for a check up after I was experiencing pain in my back tooth this time and I got a replacement crown, but the pain never went away and it got worse over time, I was ready to get my tooth plucked after 3 weeks of on and off excruciating pain. Fortunately, I found out where Dr. Mona’s practice was and I immediately drove all the way from  san francisco to orange county to see her in her office. She was very kind over the phone and accommodated me on a short notice. She went out of her way for it, worked dedicatedly for a couple of hours and saved my tooth again while I was laying down relaxed on a massage chair in her office watching classic movies.
Dr. Mona is an amazing person, very professional, and a delightful person to be around. She’s around the same age as me, so I have found a life long dentist for myself.

G.S. (yelp)