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live longer by flossing daily

TIME magazine, November 5th 2014

floss use16 Unexpected Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Floss every day

“Daily flossing not only gets rid of food trapped between your teeth but also removes the film of bacteria that forms before it has a chance to harden into plaque—something your toothbrush cannot do. Periodontal disease from lack of flossing can trigger low-grade inflammation, which increases the risk of early heart attack and stroke. Numerous studies link oral bacteria to cardiovascular disease. The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day.”

oral cancer facts

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Wisdom Teeth: Extraction, Pain Relief and Post Treatment Care

Are you in your teens or early 20’s and are worried about your wisdom teeth? Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine answers a few frequently asked questions surrounding wisdom teeth.

Are you in your teens or early 20’s and are worried about your wisdom teeth?

Patients often choose to remove their wisdom teeth because they cause pain as they develop and shift but does this necessarily mean they need to be removed? Wisdom teeth (or adult molars) generally appear during late teens or early twenties and can present a range of complications for you and your smile if not assessed by a dentist.

The following article from Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine answers a few frequently asked questions surrounding wisdom teeth. This includes  why some people wouldn’t need them to be removed, what you should expect for your wisdom teeth extraction appointment and also some advice on how to overcome the post treatment recovery.

Why wouldn’t I need my wisdom teeth removed?

For some, wisdom teeth will grow and emerge without causing too much pain. In these cases, the pain associated with wisdom teeth is caused because the jaw bone and gums have had to change in order to accommodate the tooth.

The simplest comparison would be comparing wisdom teeth development to a teething child. When we have to grow an entirely new tooth in a place where a tooth has never been, our jaw bones and gums have to change in order to accommodate for the additional tooth. Think of the tooth as causing a sort of growing pain during this process.

After it has fully developed and emerged from the gums the pain should stop. If your teeth, gums and jaw are healthy and undamaged after the tooth is fully emerged, then extraction may not be necessary. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when healthy and properly aligned, but more often, they require removal.

Why would I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Unfortunately not all patients are that lucky.  When wisdom teeth are misaligned there are a variety of different concerns that could apply to the patient.

The teeth may position themselves:

  • Horizontally
  • Angling toward the neighboring teeth
  • Angling away from the neighboring teeth

If the jaw doesn’t have enough space for the teeth, they may even cause the existing teeth to shift out of line. If you’ve undergone expensive orthodontic treatment in the past, poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves.

Other concerning factors could be that the teeth become impacted. This occurs when the teeth do not completely emerge from the gums and can cause infection and bacteria build-up resulting in the need for removal.

What should I expect during the wisdom teeth extraction appointment?

Here at Mona Goodarzi DDS we focus on ensuring our patients are as comfortable and calm as possible prior to commencing their treatment.

–          Pain relief and sedation available

As many patients suffer from dental anxiety, our Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Alikhani performs and monitors the deeper states of sedation. Sedation and pain relief options available here at Mona Goodarzi DDS are:

  • Adult oral conscious sedation
  • Inhalation nitrous oxide sedation
  • Intra-venous conscious sedation
  • General anesthesia

These range from light sedation options to more heavy forms of sedation for patients who are especially anxious or require this form of sedation for their treatment. After we’ve determined the most appropriate pain relief method with you, your treatment will likely carry out the following way:

–          5 Steps we will take to extract your wisdom teeth

  1. First we will make a slight incision in the gum so the tooth is visible
  2. Carefully we will work to expose the root of the tooth
  3. The tooth will then be extracted
  4. The incision will be cleaned and sterilized
  5. The area will be sealed, usually with dissolvable stiches

Once we are certain the procedure was successful we will ensure you have all the guidance you need to move toward a speedy recovery.

What should I expect after my wisdom teeth extraction treatment?

Generally you will be in pain for a few days after your treatment. It is likely you may feel a little dazed and confused immediately prior to the treatment from the pain relief. It is common for the wounds to bleed and cause pain.

Give yourself time to heal. The more you exert yourself, the longer your recovery period is likely to be. If you find you are still bleeding after the first 24 hours, ask whoever is caring for you to contact us for further guidance.

Our team at Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine will take care to ensure you have all of the information and assistance you need to help you on your way to a swift recovery.

Do you live in Irvine and need your wisdom teeth removed?

For more information on wisdom teeth extraction, book a consultation with our helpful team members today and find out how we can assess your smile and help you through your wisdom teeth extraction appointment and post treatment care.

5 Reasons why you need to replace your teeth

reasons why you should replace your missing teeth

Losing teeth to trauma, grinding or decay can greatly reduce your quality of life in an array of different ways.

Here at Mona Goodarzis DDS in Irvine, Dr. Mona Goodarzi understands that some of the different factors that can affect your health and well-being are not always as noticeable to begin with as others.

By opting for an appropriate tooth replacement method, we can help improve the functionality and appearance of your smile in a number of different ways. The following article discusses 5 reasons why it’s important to replace your missing teeth and also offers some dental treatment options that can help!

Replacing missing teeth can…

1.       Restore the ability to properly chew and speak

When you lose one tooth, you’ll likely lose approximately 10% of your ability to chew as well. This is because each tooth serves a purpose in your mouth and when teeth are lost, the ability to properly chew your food can be hindered by the gap between your teeth. Difficulty chewing can lead to digestive problems and may even limit the different foods you can consume.

When the tooth is lost towards the front it can also make it more difficult to speak. This is because the gap may cause the air you breathe during conversation and the saliva in the mouth to move differently, altering your capability to speak clearly and fluently.

2.       Eliminate the need for costly orthodontics

Every tooth in the mouth holds a specific place. When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth are no longer as secure. This can cause the teeth to shift in an effort to fill the gap.

Unfortunately when teeth move from their place they create an imbalance for your bite. The upper jaw and lower jaw no longer sit together in unison which may lead to the need for orthodontics as well as tooth replacement in order to restore proper functionality and appearance to your smile and bite.

3.       Stop bone loss from occurring

Even if you have only lost one tooth, the density of the jaw bone will lessen. This is because every bone in the body was designed to be used. When bones no longer have use, they begin to thin out and lose density.

A classic example of this is when someone has their leg in a cast for a long period of time. Once they take the cast off, they may feel as if one of their legs is shorter than the other. The same thing happens when a tooth is lost. If the spot where the tooth was sitting remains empty for a long time, the bone will degenerate causing the roots of the adjacent teeth to become exposed.

Our team at Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine believe that replacing your teeth with dental implants is important for your oral and overall health. Learn more...

4.       Reduce the chances of premature aging

As mentioned above, tooth loss can lead to a loss of bone density. Not only can this affect the adjacent teeth in the mouth but this can also cause the natural structure of your face to change.

You may notice this in patients who have suffered complete tooth loss for a long period of time; the jaw bone has usually shrunk. This is because the teeth are not keeping the jawbone strong and it makes the lips seem small and pursed in the process.

5.       Increase ease with hygiene and reduce chances of periodontal (gum) disease

When teeth shift and gums are left exposed, it becomes more difficult to keep your teeth clean. This is because misaligned teeth are more difficult to floss in-between. Where the gums are exposed, bacteria can eat away at the area causing pockets of infection to form.

Infected gums can lead to further tooth loss and even periodontal disease if left untreated.

How Dr. Mona Goodarzi can help

Have you heard of dental implants? Dental implants use a method of tooth replacement that is designed to imitate the natural tooth. Take a look at our video to understand the process:

Dental implants can be used for single tooth loss replacement, multiple tooth loss replacement with implant supported bridges and even total tooth replacement with implant supported dentures.

For more information on the treatment procedure, factors that could affect your eligibility for the treatment and treatment cost, book an appointment at Mona Goodarzis DDS in Irvine on 949 201 4444 today.

Your best kept secret


Have you always wanted to straighten your smile but you didn’t want people to know you were having orthodontic treatment?

Mona Goodarzi DDS can help you keep your secret.

At our Irvine practice Dr. Mona and our team of dental professionals offer our patients a discreet way to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. With the Invisalign treatment we can help you straighten your teeth using an orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible to those around you.

The Invisalign treatment

Our dental professionals use a series of custom designed transparent aligners to gently shift your teeth into ideal position. You will be required to change your aligner around every 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the placement of your teeth. By swapping aligners you are able to provide the right amount of pressure continually to move your teeth into the desired position discreetly.

The benefits of straightening your smile inconspicuously

  • Comfortable

As the aligners are custom made to fit your teeth seamlessly, they can be very comfortable to wear. The material used is a durable plastic that should slide onto the teeth then hold in place.

  • Removable

The Invisalign aligners are removable which means you can take them out to enjoy your favourite foods, when brushing your teeth and to enjoy special occasions. The removable nature of this treatment enables you to stringently keep up your oral hygiene routine to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and clean. Although the aligners are clear and virtually invisible, you may want to remove them for special events or photographs in order to feel completely comfortable and able to smile with confidence.

  • Discreet

In our opinion, one of the best aspects of the Invisalign treatment is that the aligners are virtually invisible so no one may even know you are receiving treatment. Many people are unhappy with their smile however they do not correct it because they are embarrassed about the appearance of orthodontic appliances. Fortunately Invisalign offers people who work in a professional environment, as well as people who would like a subtle treatment, a discreet option that provides results.

It is important to remember that your diligence whilst wearing your Invisalign aligners will greatly influence the outcomes achieved and the treatment time required.

Dental care tailored to you at Mona Goodarzi DDS

Dr. Mona is a passionate dentist devoted to providing the most innovative dentistry possible to her patients and her Irvine community. Our practice is supported by the most advanced technology to date and we are proud to offer dental care that is tailored to your needs.

To find out more about Invisalign, or to book an appointment at our Irvine practice, please contact our friendly team today.

Facial cosmetics can frame your smile


Visit our in-house dermatology clinic to enhance your smile’s frame

Mona Goodarzi DDS is passionate about enhancing smiles at our state-of-the-art Irvine practice. With Dr. Heidi Goodarzi, MD, FAAD a Board Certified Dermatologist, we are also passionate about enhancing the areas that frame your smile at our in-house dermatology clinic. If you feel like your beautiful smile is being shadowed by an uneven skin tone or the appearance of wrinkles, we can help.

A comprehensive range of treatments:

Acne scarring treatment

Acne scars can be damaging to a person’s self-confidence, however at Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine we can erase the signs of stubborn acne scarring. Our acne scarring treatment can greatly reduce and in some cases even eliminate acne scars. Our medical professionals, led by Dr. Heidi Goodarzi use a range of different approaches that can smooth the appearance of acne scarred skin.

These techniques include excision and subcision techniques, as well as laser therapy.

Injectable fillers

Our medical professionals can help restore a youthful fullness and volume to your skin with injectable fillers. Injectable fillers can be used to enhance and correct:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Facial folds and deep creases
  • Areas that have been affected by volume loss
  • Thin lips and sallow cheeks

Injectable fillers can be a suitable way to enhance your facial features without the need for surgery.


Dr. Heidi Goodarzi and our team of medical professionals can help to correct a number of concerns with the use of Botox injections, including the treatment of wrinkles and also the treatment of excessive sweating in the hands, feet or underarms.

This minimally invasive technique can have significant effects in either enhancing your facial appearance by correcting crow’s feet and drooping brows or curbing the presence of excess sweat.

Laser hair removal

Are you tired of shaving and waxing? Dr. Heidi Goodarzi and our team of medical professionals can help!

Laser hair removal can permanently reduce your unwanted hair removal and can be comfortable and suitable for a range of different skin types.

Laser skin treatments

Laser skin treatments can be effective in:

  • Stimulating new collagen formation in the skin
  • Tightening of loose skin
  • Elimination of either red or brown spots or pigmentation
  • Reducing the signs of aging
  • Smoothening an uneven skin tone or texture
  • Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Erasing the signs of sun damage

When you visit our in-house dermatology clinic at Mona Goodarzi DDS we offer a range of different laser treatments of the:

  • face
  • neck
  • chest
  • hands
  • arms

Our laser treatments are often suitable for a wide range of skin types and use both ablative and non-ablative lasers.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel at Mona Goodarzi DDS’s in-house dermatology clinic can help to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and target signs of aging. Dr. Heidi Goodarzi and our team of medical professionals offer a range of different chemical peels to suit your particular skin type and your aesthetic goals.

Our medical professionals will spend time with you discussing the desired outcome and assessing your particular skin to find a chemical peel treatment that suits you.

You’re in skilled hands

At Mona Goodarzi DDS’s in-house dermatology clinic you can rest assured that you are in the capable hands of skilled professionals. All services are provided by Dr. Heidi Goodarzi, MD, FAAD a Board Certified Dermatologist and her supporting team of professionals.

Mona Goodarzi DDS strives to go above and beyond just your regular dental practice with an in house board certified dermatologist and anesthesiologist. Dr. Mona Goodarzi is trained in the latest and greatest approaches to general, cosmetic and restorative dental care.

To learn more about facial cosmetics, or to book an appointment at our Irvine practice, please contact our friendly and professional team today.

Do your wisdom teeth have to be removed?

wisdom tooth pain

Entrusting a dentist with tooth extraction can be a frightening ordeal especially for patients in their teens and early twenties. With obstacles like education and careers, having aching gums and jawbones is not quite what patients had in mind during these developing years.

For many patients, choosing to delay the wisdom teeth removal procedure because of anxiety concerns and costs can lead to further detrimental factors down the track. The following article with Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine discusses wisdom teeth and why patients need to consider the need for extraction to avoid more extensive and costly treatments.

Understanding wisdom teeth

There are four wisdom teeth which are more specifically named third molars.  They are located at the back of the mouth; where each tooth is individually grown from the ends of both jaws.

Not all patients will have fully grown wisdom teeth. For some these teeth will only stay below the surface and for others wisdom teeth may never develop, but generally most patients will develop wisdom teeth and when pain and other problems arise, eventually they may need to be removed.

The need for wisdom tooth extraction

Sometimes when wisdom teeth grow but don’t break through the gums, the tooth becomes ‘impacted’.  This type of issue can cause long-term oral health problems like gum disease (periodontal disease), crowding of the teeth, and could even lead to abscesses or tumours if left untreated.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need extraction:

  • The wisdom teeth may be growing in an angled direction – damaging or crowding the adjacent teeth
  • Just a generally feeling of sickness that is wisdom tooth related
  • Experiencing excessive pain from the growth or to provide an alternative to avoid the pain all together
  • Continuous headaches
  • Avoid impaction where the tooth has not got enough room to break through the gums and fit comfortably
  • Infected, inflamed or swollen gums
  • There is presence of tooth decay or rot due to difficulty cleaning

Do they have to be removed?

You may find that you don’t actually need you wisdom teeth removed. In this case your teeth would have grown out with infection-free gums, no tooth overlay, all teeth are neatly aligned and uncrowded and proper cleaning is possible.

Preventative reasons for extraction

If a patient has undergone orthodontic treatment at a young age, we will advise the removal of their wisdom teeth because delaying the extraction could mean that their other natural teeth could move.

This would probably mean that the patient needs more orthodontic treatment, around the ages of teen to early twenties – is definitely not ideal. Likewise, if a patient wishes to straighten their teeth with orthodontic treatment, we would advise the removal of wisdom teeth.

After the removal

When it comes to wisdom tooth removal, it is essential for the patient to ensure they stick to the instructions given by our dental professionals.

During the first 24 hours after the treatment, the patient may experience some bleeding of the gums, a bit of pain and a few other symptoms but not to worry! Our dentist will ensue that you are fully informed and mentally prepared for the post-treatment care.

To find out more about wisdom tooth extraction and your eligibility, book a consultation with us today with Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine so we can properly determine the best path to guide you with your wisdom tooth extraction needs.

Experience a total smile transformation at Mona Goodarzi D.D.S.

Blog ImageUnlike many other cosmetic dentists, Dr. Mona Goodarzi offers her patients a comprehensive approach to transforming their smile and their entire visage!

With a wide range of advanced cosmetic dental treatments readily available, many people are seeking to enhance the appearance of their smile, and at our dental practice located in Irvine we go the extra mile to ensure that our smile transformations generate outstanding results. In stark contrast to other cosmetic dental professionals who simply focus on treating patients teeth, at Mona Goodarzi D.D.S. our smile transformations can draw on the most effective cosmetic dental and non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments in order to create beautiful facial harmony for our patients.

During your comprehensive cosmetic smile evaluation, Dr. Mona Goodarzi will assess the following in relation to your smile:

• Your oral health and function
• The functionality of your TMJ
• The alignment and functionality of your bite
• The aesthetic qualities of your smile
• The aesthetic characteristics of your face

After her initial assessment, Dr. Mona Goodarzi will collaborate with you and her Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Heidi Goodarzi to design a comprehensive oral-facial cosmetic plan to create a beautiful harmony between your smile and entire visage.

Some of the cosmetic dental treatments Dr. Mona Goodarzi will draw on include:

• Invisalign
• Veneers
• Professional Teeth Whitening
• Gummy Smile Treatment

Depending on your unique needs and goals, she may use a number of these treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile. These cosmetic dental treatments may also be used in conjunction with a number of non-surgical facial enhancement procedures in order to frame your beautiful new smile.

Some of the facial enhancement procedures Dr. Heidi Goodarzi can utilize during a total smile transformation include:

• Acne Scar Treatment
• Botox
• Chemical Peels
• Injectable Fillers
• Laser Hair Removal
• Laser Skin Treatment

Why is this approach to cosmetic dentistry beneficial?

In many instances, simply transforming a patient’s smile can create juxtaposition between their smile and the rest of their face. The approach used at Dr. Mona Goodarzi’s practice in Irvine ensures that a harmony is created between your new smile and the rest of the face, ensuring that the results of your total smile transformation are beautiful and natural looking.
To find out more about our total smile transformations, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Irvine, please contact us.


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