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5 Reasons why you need to replace your teeth

reasons why you should replace your missing teeth

Losing teeth to trauma, grinding or decay can greatly reduce your quality of life in an array of different ways.

Here at Mona Goodarzis DDS in Irvine, Dr. Mona Goodarzi understands that some of the different factors that can affect your health and well-being are not always as noticeable to begin with as others.

By opting for an appropriate tooth replacement method, we can help improve the functionality and appearance of your smile in a number of different ways. The following article discusses 5 reasons why it’s important to replace your missing teeth and also offers some dental treatment options that can help!

Replacing missing teeth can…

1.       Restore the ability to properly chew and speak

When you lose one tooth, you’ll likely lose approximately 10% of your ability to chew as well. This is because each tooth serves a purpose in your mouth and when teeth are lost, the ability to properly chew your food can be hindered by the gap between your teeth. Difficulty chewing can lead to digestive problems and may even limit the different foods you can consume.

When the tooth is lost towards the front it can also make it more difficult to speak. This is because the gap may cause the air you breathe during conversation and the saliva in the mouth to move differently, altering your capability to speak clearly and fluently.

2.       Eliminate the need for costly orthodontics

Every tooth in the mouth holds a specific place. When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth are no longer as secure. This can cause the teeth to shift in an effort to fill the gap.

Unfortunately when teeth move from their place they create an imbalance for your bite. The upper jaw and lower jaw no longer sit together in unison which may lead to the need for orthodontics as well as tooth replacement in order to restore proper functionality and appearance to your smile and bite.

3.       Stop bone loss from occurring

Even if you have only lost one tooth, the density of the jaw bone will lessen. This is because every bone in the body was designed to be used. When bones no longer have use, they begin to thin out and lose density.

A classic example of this is when someone has their leg in a cast for a long period of time. Once they take the cast off, they may feel as if one of their legs is shorter than the other. The same thing happens when a tooth is lost. If the spot where the tooth was sitting remains empty for a long time, the bone will degenerate causing the roots of the adjacent teeth to become exposed.

Our team at Mona Goodarzi DDS in Irvine believe that replacing your teeth with dental implants is important for your oral and overall health. Learn more...

4.       Reduce the chances of premature aging

As mentioned above, tooth loss can lead to a loss of bone density. Not only can this affect the adjacent teeth in the mouth but this can also cause the natural structure of your face to change.

You may notice this in patients who have suffered complete tooth loss for a long period of time; the jaw bone has usually shrunk. This is because the teeth are not keeping the jawbone strong and it makes the lips seem small and pursed in the process.

5.       Increase ease with hygiene and reduce chances of periodontal (gum) disease

When teeth shift and gums are left exposed, it becomes more difficult to keep your teeth clean. This is because misaligned teeth are more difficult to floss in-between. Where the gums are exposed, bacteria can eat away at the area causing pockets of infection to form.

Infected gums can lead to further tooth loss and even periodontal disease if left untreated.

How Dr. Mona Goodarzi can help

Have you heard of dental implants? Dental implants use a method of tooth replacement that is designed to imitate the natural tooth. Take a look at our video to understand the process:

Dental implants can be used for single tooth loss replacement, multiple tooth loss replacement with implant supported bridges and even total tooth replacement with implant supported dentures.

For more information on the treatment procedure, factors that could affect your eligibility for the treatment and treatment cost, book an appointment at Mona Goodarzis DDS in Irvine on 949 201 4444 today.

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