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definitely worth the skill and peace of mind.

I went to Dr. Mona Goodarzi initially for a teeth cleaning and check up. I suffer a bit from anxiety when going to the dentist (who doesn’t?!) as well as TMJ, which puts a lot of pressure and pain on my jaws during the treatment.

Both the Dr. Goodarzi and her staff are very kind and gentle, but thorough. They have calm demeanors that ease the stress of dental work.

When I went back to fill some cavities I was very happy that the doctor explained every thing she was doing as she went along and really empathized with me about my jaw pain. She kept checking in with me to see how my pain was and gave me breaks when I needed it.

Their office is very beautiful; I love the all-white decor and the wall art as well as the silent movie projecting on the wall. All their equipment is new technology and I feel that Dr. Goodarzi goes the extra mile to be a great dentist. Yes, she is a bit more expensive than most, but definitely worth the skill and peace of mind.

N.M. (yelp)

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