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My Emergency Visit

Dr. Mona Goodarzi saw me as an emergency patient ( first visit ~ I was new to her practice since a move from Michigan 5 months ago) when I was experiencing significant pain in a tooth that required a root canal.  Her office administrator, Judy, handled my call with a warm professional approach, identified my problem, said she would contact Dr. Goodarzi immediately, since the office was closed, and called me back to confirm that I would be seen in a few hours.  Dr. Goodarzi was actually in LA, drove back to Irvine, and spent time reviewing my medical and dental history as well as taking care of the root canal.  She easily spent 2+ hours to solve my immedicate problem, and the severe pain was immediately relieved.  She has a wonderfully gentle style and hand, is very experienced, and was most concerned about the degree of pain I was experiencing.  She initiated immediate treatment to calm the pain and asked me a number of times during the procedure if I was comfortable.  Since this tooth had other calcified roots, she referred me to an endodontist to complete the root canal ~ he was excellent as well.  She called me on a Saturday night to see if I was comfortable and left her cell phone contact if needed.  She saw me back for a non-emergency “first” visit,  completed a very thorough evaluation and provided a proposed plan to address my dental needs.  She is amazingly compassionate, and made sure I was comfortable while still recovering from the extensive root canal.  I am beyond delighted that I am now under Dr. Goodarzi’s care and experienced hands.  She is a problem solver with an extremely gentle touch and wonderful smile.

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