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  • Your beautiful, healthy new smile awaits at Dr. Mona Goodarzi’s practice…

    A beautiful smile has the power to increase your self-confidence, image and overall happiness and at our dental practice in Irvine our comprehensive selection of general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are just the beginning of your transformation!

  • General Dentistry with Dr. Mona Goodarzi can keep you smiling for a lifetime

    The importance of practicing an effective oral hygiene routine stretches beyond the health of your smile alone. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and consuming a healthy diet all have an important role in your overall health and well being.

    Here at our practice, we believe that general dentistry is about combining regular check-ups with helpful advice on how you can maximize the effectiveness of your personal oral hygiene routine at home so you keep a full and flourishing smile for life.

  • Restore your smile from chipped, broken, cracked or lost teeth with Dr. Mona Goodarzi

    The health of your mouth and even your personal self-esteem can be reliant on the simplest of oral health concerns. In dental emergencies where teeth become cracked, broken or even lost, it’s vitally important to contact your dentist for a complete oral assessment.

    Dr. Mona Goodarzi offers an array of restorative dentistry treatments such as soft tissue laser, dental implants, tooth colored restorations, root canal therapy, dentures, porcelain veneers and … help with your smile.

  • Transform your smile with a plethora of cosmetic dentistry treatments available

    Do you shy away from social events or functions because you don’t want anyone to see your smile? Thanks to continued advancements in dental technology and treatments, Dr. Mona Goodarzi in Irvine can help restore balance to your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

    Are you looking for a comprehensive smile evaluation? By assessing your concerns we can formulate a suitable cosmetic oral-facial treatment plan for your unique cosmetic desires.

  • Frame your smile using facial cosmetics with our sister dermatologist in Newport Beach, Dr. Heidi Goodarzi.

    Facial cosmetics work to improve the entire face as well as the smile. Improving the smile without improving the rest of the face will only make your teeth look good, but by combining facial cosmetics with your dental treatment, we can help to improve your overall appearance.

    The perfect complement to your smile is a facial cosmetic treatment. Performed by our sister dermatologist Dr. Heidi Goodarzi, we can help you restore youth to your features. Facial enhancements work with cosmetic dentistry to beautifully frame your smile.

  • Need a dentist in a hurry? Dr. Mona Goodarzi offers timely Emergency Dentistry

    Whether you have had a tooth knocked out, broken or chipped, Dr. Mona Goodarzi accommodates walk-in emergency visits during business hours as well as phone support and arranged office visits after hours. Call us now on 949 201 4444 for support.

    Just like most other emergencies, a dental emergency requires a proactive approach. It is vital for you to seek help as soon as possible. If you leave your concern for too long, there is a chance that you could lose the damaged tooth.

  • Achieve a brilliant, straight smile with Invisalign orthodontics

    Don’t like the idea of wearing braces? Invisalign provides a method of straightening your teeth without the need for shiny metal brackets and wires. Using a series of custom fitted transparent trays, Invisalign is the perfect orthodontic alternative.

    Dr. Mona Goodarzi’s Invisalign treatment options give patients the ability to eat whatever they like, maintain good oral hygiene, remove for special occasions and a enjoy a virtually invisible orthodontic alternative. Smile like you mean it with Invisalign.