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Experience a total smile transformation at Mona Goodarzi D.D.S.

Blog ImageUnlike many other cosmetic dentists, Dr. Mona Goodarzi offers her patients a comprehensive approach to transforming their smile and their entire visage!

With a wide range of advanced cosmetic dental treatments readily available, many people are seeking to enhance the appearance of their smile, and at our dental practice located in Irvine we go the extra mile to ensure that our smile transformations generate outstanding results. In stark contrast to other cosmetic dental professionals who simply focus on treating patients teeth, at Mona Goodarzi D.D.S. our smile transformations can draw on the most effective cosmetic dental and non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments in order to create beautiful facial harmony for our patients.

During your comprehensive cosmetic smile evaluation, Dr. Mona Goodarzi will assess the following in relation to your smile:

• Your oral health and function
• The functionality of your TMJ
• The alignment and functionality of your bite
• The aesthetic qualities of your smile
• The aesthetic characteristics of your face

After her initial assessment, Dr. Mona Goodarzi will collaborate with you and her Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Heidi Goodarzi to design a comprehensive oral-facial cosmetic plan to create a beautiful harmony between your smile and entire visage.

Some of the cosmetic dental treatments Dr. Mona Goodarzi will draw on include:

• Professional Teeth Whitening
• Gummy Smile Treatment

Depending on your unique needs and goals, she may use a number of these treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile. These cosmetic dental treatments may also be used in conjunction with a number of non-surgical facial enhancement procedures in order to frame your beautiful new smile.

Some of the facial enhancement procedures Dr. Heidi Goodarzi can utilize during a total smile transformation include:

• Acne Scar Treatment
• Botox
• Chemical Peels
• Injectable Fillers
• Laser Hair Removal
• Laser Skin Treatment

Why is this approach to cosmetic dentistry beneficial?

In many instances, simply transforming a patient’s smile can create juxtaposition between their smile and the rest of their face. The approach used at Dr. Mona Goodarzi’s practice in Irvine ensures that a harmony is created between your new smile and the rest of the face, ensuring that the results of your total smile transformation are beautiful and natural looking.
To find out more about our total smile transformations, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Irvine, please contact us.


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