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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you require tooth extractions, entrust your smile to the advanced knowledge and gentle treatments of Dr. Goodarzi

Many patients choose to remove their wisdom teeth due to present complications, or from a desire to prevent any from occurring in the future. Wisdom teeth (or adult molars) generally appear during late teens/early adulthood and can present a range of complications:

  • Wisdom teeth may not fully emerge and become impacted
  • Wisdom teeth may emerge at an awkward angle, disturbing the position of your existing teeth, contributing to a distorted bite
  • Wisdom teeth may partially break through the gum tissue, only to be recovered which can lead to infection and even an abscess

If you wish to extract your wisdom teeth, at Mona Goodarzi DDS’s practice we have a range of sedation options and hospital dentistry services to ensure a smooth and comfortable extraction.